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The difference and variedness of people and places make every village, every part of a village and even every settlement consisting of a few cottages unique. Much interesting has happened in the particular place during its existence, and information about it can be provided to the local inhabitants and visitors alike. This information may concern interesting architectonic objects, natural monuments, the stays or births of outstanding personages or significant historical events. This form of acquisition of information is based on an active attitude of the visitor, who is presented with a broad spectrum of topics, limited by the given spatial framework. The visitor will be able to choose his or her sphere of interest and method of revealing information within the area. The first tool of presentation is the creation of an educational trail that will lead the interested visitors through the village and its vicinity. The information will be provided to the viewer in the form of printed documents (texts, maps, instructions) or mobile applications that will follow selected topics. They will present the stories of the individual buildings and places, record old toponyms and use particular examples to mediate the knowledge of folk crafts and traditions. This particular project is currently in the stage of preparation; the educational trail in Trstěnice near Litomyšl will welcome the first visitors in the second half of 2017.


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