Cultural heritage of the countryside and material legacy of our ancestors.
Dwelling from 1616

Timbered house No. 97

The complex of the farmstead No. 97 is situated in the sloping terrain on the way to Brlenka. The enclosed four-wing farmstead consisted of a timbered house in the north, a granary with a passage underneath in the south wing and a polygonal barn situated to the east. The earliest part of the farmstead is the timbered house characterised by an archaic three-part layout. The central hall with the staircase leading upstairs and a fire chamber in the north-west corner is connected to a room to the west and a two-storey chamber to the east. The barrel vaulted small cellar under the chamber made of quarry stone is also accessible from the hall. From the floor above the hall there are entries to the upstairs chamber and to the defunct courtyard balcony, which passed on to the adjacent farm buildings in the east part of the farmstead. The extraordinary value of the house lies in the authentic preservation of its core including construction details (small saddle portals with carriage bracket doors) uniformly dendrochronologically dated to 1616/1617. The complex underwent more significant adaptations only in 1836 in connection with the replacement of window openings leading into the sitting room and with changes of heating system, during which the wood-clay fireplace was replaced by a brick structure. The complex was in a very poor state for a long time and in danger of spontaneous collapse or demolition. Restoration of the building in its original place was impossible, which is why the building was transferred and its gradual restoration started in September 2015.

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