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An enormous gap between the present and traditional production processes is emerging in today’s hasty time when everything is focused on achieving high profits in a short time. Traditional production processes seem to be slow and inefficient; they require quality material, more time and extensive labour force. Based on these facts, we have decided to create a model farmstead of the first half of the 20th century. The resulting complex is coming into existence around the central background in the bricked farm building No. 56 in Trstěnice near Litomyšl. This house will be accompanied by a transferred timbered polygonal barn and other smaller farm buildings such as a bee house, a fruit drying house, a flax processing facility, etc. The complex does not end with the picket fence surrounding the garden, however; the farmstead is part of the village where there are many other beautiful and valuable buildings testifying about the life and farming in a village. It means that the publicly accessible exposition will include the whole village, where visitors will see buildings in their authentic milieu, involved in everyday life. Selected building objects will be described and plotted in a map that will serve for easier orientation. The first visitors can visit the farmstead No. 56 in Trstěnice within the framework of the individual events organised there; the farmstead will be officially opened to the public in 2018.

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