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Twelve-sided rarity

Polygonal barn

The timbered polygonal barn is a unique document of vernacular architecture in eastern Bohemia; it formed a valuable whole along with the timbered house and the granary with a passage underneath of the farmstead No. 97. The roof truss and the perimeter walls have been dendrochronologically dated to 1697/1698. Adaptations of the construction of the barn’s roof truss took place in the second half of the 19th century, along with a change of the original gradient of the roof. The adaptation of the building connected with the replacement of thatch roofing by shingle is most probably dated by the two dates 1860 engraved in the area of the threshing floor. The timbered structure of the building was set on a marlstone socle whose height equalised the sloping terrain. The barn was accessed through an entrance increased against the perimeter walls with a double-hinged gate from the south. Only a simple ledge small gate used for servicing an animal team was located on the opposite side. The internal space of the barn consisted of three sections – a threshing floor situated in the centre was accompanied by threshed straw storage spaces along both sides, divided from the threshing floor by continuous thresholds and located on different height levels. The internal space was also divided by a wooden storey based on wooden poles with braces. The gabled roof of the building was covered by concrete tiles in the last phase, which significantly burdened the roof truss structure. The building was in a very poor shape in the spring of 2015, lacking a significant part of the roofing and with the roof truss structure partially collapsed. It was therefore transferred to Trstěnice near Litomyšl in August 2015, where it undergoes gradual renovation.

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