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In the sphere of grain farming, we focus on an original rye variety that can be used for the production of thatch, because the cereal reaches the height of as much as 1.8 metres. A smaller part of our efforts is focused on other cereals – old varieties of einkorn and emmer wheat, classical wheat and barley. All this is done using hand tools; we only use modern technology in ploughing. We grow not only cereals on our small field but also buckwheat, spinning flax and, in a small extent, also industrial hemp, grown in order to acquire threads from the stem for spinning. We have described the issues connected with the cultivation of long-straw rye in a publication named “The Story of Grain”. The book contains the procedures used in manual grain cultivation and harvest from the times of our ancestors. A group of young enthusiasts summed up the memories of people who still remembered the processes and tried them personally on a rye field. The publication deals with everything from sowing, scything, building of stooks, gathering by hay wagons to the barn, the harvest supper, threshing by flails and cleaning to the production of thatch and laying them on the roof. You will also learn how to bake bread in a bread oven and how to make bread baskets from straw.

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